Painted Christmas Screensaver 1.0


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Date Added:11 May, 2012



Painted Christmas Screensaver is a lovely slideshow with hand painted images with a Christmas theme. The images include cartoonish images of Santa Claus laughing with kids and preparing gifts; beautiful snowed landscapes; lovely Christmas trees with decorations; snowmen, among many other things. The images are beautiful and they are of great quality. Their sizes are different and they are mainly big, although they don't cover the whole screen. Sadly, the images include an ugly caption with the developer's name and website, which cannot be removed or customized. By default, the images are shown with different transition effects and they appear in random order. Unfortunately, the screensaver doesn't include music or sounds, which is really a shame. From the Settings menu, you will be able to customize the transition effects time, but not the time the images remain on the screen, which is really short. If you want, you can also show a digital clock and the slide number in any corner of the screen, and you can customize their font size, color and style. In short, if you are looking for a simple screensaver to give life to your screen during Chirstmas time, Painted Christmas Screensaver can be a good choice.

Systems: Windows

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